Frequently Asked Questions

I'm trying to book a class but the payment failed

If you experience an issue when attempting to make a payment for a class, this may have to do with authenticating the payment. If payment fails, and you receive an error message or a blank screen, try using a different payment method. Alternatively, contact your bank to diagnose the reasoning for payment failing.

I cancelled a class I booked, but I haven't received a refund yet

When you cancel a booking, as long as the booking is cancelled before the start of the class, the system will process a refund for you automatically. Refunds typically take between 5-10 days to display back in your account, dependent upon whom you bank with.

I booked a live stream class but I couldn't access it/the teacher did not start the class

Occasionally you may find that a class you have booked did not go ahead for one reason or another - we have awesome customer service which means a refund will be on its way to you as soon as you fill in our form to have this booking removed and refunded. It may be worth contacting the provider directly to inform them of your inability to attend, as they may be able to resolve it directly. You can find their contact details on the activity page of the activity you've booked.

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I couldn't attend a class and I want to book something else at the same time but I can't

If a booking you've made did not go ahead, fill out our form to have the booking removed and refunded - unfortunately, this process isn't instant, so you may have to wait until the class has ended to book onto another live stream class.

I can't login/I can't sign up

When you create your account you'll use your email address and set a password, you'll then use these to log back in in the future when using a new device/browser.

If you're unable to login, please ensure your credentials are correct. If you need to reset your password then just hit the recover password link on the sign in page to do this.

If when creating your account for the first time you believe that you're using the correct email and password but you're having difficulty in signing up, you'll need to contact us directly via our contact details on our website, or in the footer of your homepage.

I've upgraded but my access level doesn't look right

If you've paid for a higher level of access but you still don't seem to have access to the content you thought you would, then this is because you'll just need to log out and log back in again to refresh your access. 

Click here to logout on your browser now, then re-enter your login credentials again when prompted to do so and your access should be refreshed.

How to contact

If at any point you’re stuck and can't find the answers that you need here, just get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to help. Our contact details can be found in the footer at the bottom of our website when you're logged in.