Creating and editing your activities

How to edit activities - Operator


To make amendments to your activities and their timetables, from your portal click ‘Activities’ you’ll see all the activities listed at this location and their status:

  • Draft - activity is offline and unavailable for booking
  • Waiting for approval - our team is checking the activity and it will be set live within 24 hours
  • Approved - activity is online and available for booking

To add a new activity, click the ‘Add Activity’ button, and to edit an existing activity, click ‘Edit’ next to the activity you’d like to update.

Approved Draft Activities

You’ll need to fill out all fields thoroughly with the required information to ensure a quick approval process - the information needed is as follows:

  • Activity title
  • Activity image
  • Activity description
  • Timeslot(s)
  • Marking the activity as live stream only 
  • Entering the live stream URL for the class, or selecting the correct Zoom integration settings
  • 3 activity tags
  • Whether advanced booking is required. Leaving this unticked will mean members check themselves into the class 30 minutes before the start time and do not need to book in advance. 
  • Any informational notice for any required or recommended equipment
  • Activity price

Once you’ve completed the fields, go ahead and hit ‘Submit for Approval’ if it’s a new activity, or ‘Approve’ if it’s an existing activity. On occasions the system may require an activity to be submitted for approval again, but all activities are aimed to be approved within 24 hours.

Approved activities will be displayed in your Classes section - if you are integrated with Zoom, you will also see that the Zoom meeting link has been automatically filled.