How to launch a live stream class

As an instructor, we've made it super-streamlined to launch straight into your class, so you can get moving with your members as quickly and simply as possible.

Step 1. Log in to your portal - you should log in straight away to the 'Customer Check In' section, but click the 'Customer Check In' button if you're unsure.

Step 2. Locate the class that you are to teach - you'll notice any members that have booked may already be checked in and waiting. 

Step 3.Click the 'Start Live Stream' button next to your class to launch Zoom - you will automatically be assigned as the host of the class. You may be prompted to 'Open Zoom Meetings' - if so, click 'Open', otherwise Zoom will launch automatically, and your meeting will start.

Step 4. Once your meeting has started, make sure you spotlight yourself as the host (click the 3 dots on your video and select 'Spotlight'. Also make sure within Zoom you manage your participants, with features such as muting members, or requesting they turn on their cameras.


If you're playing music over Zoom with your computer, see our guide on playing music over live stream.

Not using Zoom?

If you're not using Zoom or you're not using the Zoom integration, you will need to launch your meeting manually. Launch the meeting from within your live stream platform of choice, and ensure that you have provided your members with the correct meeting link so that they join the correct meeting.