Top tips for great live stream classes

You may well have a lot of experience running fantastic fitness classes in-person, but with the new digital landscape, we're here to help with guidance for ensuring your live stream classes run as smoothly as your in-person classes so that your customers keep coming back for more!

Get comfortable with your equipment

Whichever setup you and your business have, it's crucial that you're comfortable with your equipment and how it works. You should be know how to adjust sound levels to ensure everyone can be heard, and make sure you do plenty of testing beforehand so that you're confident with live streaming.

Good lighting is key

Make sure that the room you’re teaching in is well lit, that your camera set up is stable and set up to make the most of the light. Make sure that your camera and your light source are on the same side, rather than have your teacher in between the camera and the light source.


Engagement & Participation

You may well be running an in-person class at the same time as a live stream class in what is known as an omni-channel setup. Say hello to everyone! Welcome your members physically in attendance, and be sure to say hello to everyone on live stream as well. Demonstrate a movement and check that everyone can hear and see you.

A survey of members attending live streamed classes found that the main aspect of a digital class that kept them coming back was encouraging participation and engagement with the teacher even over live stream. Treat those on live stream as you would your regular clients - things you already do like describing your movements, providing feedback to attendees by name etc.

Once the class has finished, and members are sweaty, relaxed or a bit of both, remember to do all those things that make your customers love you as an instructor, and address both physical attendees and live streamers - get them pumped for their next class with you!