Meeting Management & Recommended Settings

Meeting Management in Zoom

If you are using our recommended streaming service Zoom, then understanding how to manage your meetings once they're running is paramount in providing your customers an excellent, streamlined and professional experience.


When a participant joins your meeting, you'll need to admit them into the meeting. Once you've done this, you'll have the option to mute their microphone, request they turn on video, put them back into the waiting room, or remove them entirely.


Microphone/Sound & Camera Settings

Within your meeting, you can adjust your microphone and camera settings - clicking the mic button will mute you, and clicking the camera button will turn off video, and clicking the ^ arrow beside each button will offer further settings such as selecting which microphone, speakers and camera you'd like to use, as well as more advanced settings like setting audio levels and adjusting for low light settings.


Further options within the Zoom meeting interface allow you to adjust security settings such as enabling waiting room, locking the meeting, adjusting participants restrictions, adjusting chat settings, and more. It's important to keep an eye on the participants section of your meeting to allow entry to anyone who may be a few minutes late.

Recommended Zoom settings

If you are using our recommended streaming service Zoom, we suggest spending a few minutes updating your settings on your Zoom account page to ensure your meetings run smoothly.

From your My Account page, update your timezone from 'Profile' to ensure it is correct for your country, and from the 'Settings' we recommend ensuring the following options are toggled as per below: