No Shows & Late Cancellations

If you need to limit class numbers to offer a more personalised and tailored experience to your customers, you may wish to deter members from not attending pre-booked sessions. 

This is done by adding a class late cancellation window and setting a late cancellation/no show fee. In doing so, if a member is to cancel within the class cancellation window or not check in to a pre-booked session, you have the option to charge the fee you have set.

Any late cancellation or no shows will be shown in the respective section of your portal the day after the class. From here, you have the option to charge the fee, waive the fee or late check the member in should they have been in attendance. 

noshowslatecanOnce charged, no show and late cancellation charges are shown the following day on your payment report. 

To discuss adding a late cancellation window and fee, please contact us.